Pastels Aren’t Just For Easter Eggs

Easter Sunday marks the unofficial start to spring. It’s also a celebration of renewal and rebirth experienced through religious services and a range of family traditions such as parades, photos with the Easter Bunny, brunch, Easter egg hunts and more.

Men's Preppy Yellow Pants for EasterWhen it comes to Easter fashion, pastels reign supreme, but color isn’t just for women; preppy men’s Easter fashion abounds with pastels and other bright spring colors, as well as prints and fabrics such as argyle, plaid and seersucker.

Preppy fashion for men has become even more fun, bright and playful over the years as preppy clothing brands have proliferated and evolved. So, men, sport those yellow pants, wear plaid with stripes, and say “yes” to embroidery and needlepoint.

Men’s accessories have also gone well beyond traditional with bold socks, dress shoes with colored soles, patterned pocket squares and statement belts. And when it comes to statement belts, Brewster Belt Company has you covered with a huge selection of needlepoint belts for all occasions like this Easter egg and bunny needlepoint belt.

Easter Egg Needlepoint Easter Belt
Easter Needlepoint Belt by Brewster Belt Company

Browse Brewster Belt’s designs or create your own custom needlepoint belt design for Easter or any other holiday or occasion. All belts can be customized with different thread colors, leather colors and metal buckle types. A monogram can also be added for full personalization. If you’re looking for a needlepoint belt that can be worn on more occasions that just Easter, check out our preppy needlepoint belt designs or create your own custom design.

Gingham and Preppy Dog Needlepoint Belt
Preppy Dog Needlepoint Belt by Brewster Belt Company

Even if your Easter celebration doesn’t call for a bow tie, show your love for this unique and preppy style with a Bow Tie Needlepoint Belt. These bow ties are appropriate for any occasion….and much easier to tie. Choose bright colored bowties or pastels and even add a monogram for a fully custom look.

Pastel Seersucker Needlepoint Bow Tie Belt
Pastel Seersucker Needlepoint Bow Tie Belt

Despite the name, Brewster Belt Company also offers needlepoint wallets, dog collars and flasks. Browse the all designs and needlepoint products at


Men's Easter Egg and Bunny Needlepoint Easter Belt

Brides-to-Be: Here’s A Groom Gift Idea He Will Love

Many brides and grooms like to exchange gifts prior to their wedding ceremony. Although it’s usually a private occasion when the bride and groom can take some time for themselves before the wedding, the couple’s photographer is often present to capture the moment. Thanks to bride Shayne and the couple’s fabulous photographer Veronica Lola Photography, we get a little glimpse into that moment when Shayne surprised her husband-to-be with a personal and unique groom gift just before their wedding.

Groom Gift Custom Needlepoint Belt Wedding Gift

This groom’s gift – a custom, needlepoint belt from Brewster Belt Company – features images of some of the groom’s favorite things, as well as the wedding date and a monogram of his initials.

The groom isn’t the only member of the wedding party who would appreciate a custom, hand-made gift. If you’re racking your brain for unique and personal groomsmen gifts, custom needlepoint flasksbelts and wallets make great gifts for groomsmen and family members.  Brewster Belt Company will work with you to create the perfect design and each item can be personalized with a monogram as well. There is also a 20% discount when you order five or more custom, needlepoint items.

And, don’t forget the bride! For the bride, Brewster Belt Company can design and stitch a custom needlepoint ring bearer pillow in your wedding colors. Pillows can include graphics, your wedding date, monograms and more.

Custom, needlepoint groom, groomsman and bride gifts are personal, thoughtful and can serve as a cherished memory for years to come. To place your custom order visit or contact us to discuss your design ideas.

Basketball Fans, Celebrate March Madness All Year Long

How did your bracket do this year? Yeah, let’s not talk about that.

March Madness is coming to a close, but you can still root for your favorite college basketball team and show your support with custom needlepoint basketball belts and accessories from Brewster Belt Company.

If your bracket does well this year, you can stash your winnings in a custom, needlepoint basketball wallet. All wallets can be customized with your own design or choose from one of our many sports designs and choose your own colors or add a monogram.

Needlepoint Basketball Wallet
Customize your own needlepoint basketball wallet with your team’s favorite colors and your favorite player’s number

Whatever ideas you have for customizing our designs or creating your own, Brewster Belt Company’s designers are happy to work with you to create a fantastic and original needlepoint belt, needlepoint wallet, needlepoint flask or needlepoint dog collar.

For those of you basketball fans who want to root for your favorite college basketball team all year round, might we suggest one of our college campus needlepoint belts? It doesn’t get much more unique than these belts, which feature key landmarks including places like the college’s basketball and football stadiums.  Here are some examples….

UNC is still in it to win it. Check out our University of North Carolina campus needlepoint belt. It’s a great statement for UNC fans.

UNC Needlepoint Belt
For basketball fans, Brewster’s UNC Needlepoint Belt features the Dean Smith Center basketball stadium.

Although we haven’t designed a University of South Carolina, Gonzaga or University of Oregon needlepoint college campus belt yet, all of our needlepoint belts and accessories are custom, so we would be happy to design one for you or work with you to create a new design that you can call your own.

There was certainly a lot of excitement for University of Florida basketball fans this year. Show your #gogators pride all year long with Florida campus needlepoint belt.

University of Florida Gators Needlepoint Belt
University of Florida Gators Needlepoint Campus Belt

Villanova fan? We’ve got you covered.

Villanova University Needlepoint Belt
Villanova University Needlepoint Campus Belt

And if you’re turning your attention to professional basketball, check out our NBA Arenas Needlepoint Belt. Passionate basketball fans who have a “bucket list” goal to visit every basketball arena across the U.S., can sport this detailed belt on their journey. Illustrated from left to right, the arenas include: Miami, Boston, Milwaukee, New York (Madison Square Garden), Chicago, Philadelphia, Cleveland, L.A. and Detroit.

NBA Basketball Arenas Needlepoint Belt
Illustrated from left to right, basketball arenas include: Miami, Boston, Milwaukee, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Cleveland, LA, and Detroit.

Visit us at Brewster Belt to view all of our current needlepoint belt and accessory designs or create your own custom design.


Brewster Belt Basketball Needlepoint Wallet

A Practical, Personal & Unique Custom Graduation Gift

Whether you need a one-of-a-kind graduation gift for a high school graduate heading off to college, a college graduate or someone earning an advanced degree, it can be hard to find a graduation gift that is practical, personal and unique. Hand-stitched needlepoint college campus belts check all those boxes.

Harvard University Needlepoint Belt
Custom Campus Needlepoint Belts – Choose any college

A Practical Graduation Gift

Brewster Belt Company’s custom needlepoint belts can be worn casually with shorts and jeans or dressed up with slacks or suits. Each belt is made from the highest quality materials including top-grain leather and solid metals designed to last for years. Brewster’s needlepoint belts are hand-stitched and comprised of up to 15,000 individual stitches. These timelessly preppy belts are suitable for nearly any occasion. 

lsu campus needlepoint belt student union
Custom Needlepoint College Campus Belt – A Great Graduation Gift

A Personal Graduation Gift

It doesn’t get more personal than this. Each college campus needlepoint belt features a detailed, hand-stitched landscape of each college’s landmark buildings and other memorable features. You can also customize the belt by adding a monogram (the graduate’s initials) or graduation year and by selecting the leather color (black, brown or tan) and metal buckle color (brass or silver). Brewster’s experienced designers will work with you to perfect your custom design, so you’re completely happy with your design before our artisans start stitching your custom gift.   

Williams College needlepoint belt graduation gift
A unique graduation gift for high school and college graduates

A Unique Graduation Gift

If you search for “unique graduation gifts” on Google, you’ll get some interesting suggestions. Unique can be “good unique” or “a little out there unique.” A custom campus needlepoint belt as a graduation gift is just unique enough to stand out, but not too unique that it will get put in the back of a drawer and forgotten about. Brewster’s custom needlepoint belts are an interesting conversation piece and a unique reminder of a graduate’s academic accomplishments and fond collegiate memories.

How to Order a Custom Needlepoint Graduation Gift

To order a custom college campus belt, simply select the belt size and other custom details on our custom college campus needlepoint belt product listing. Once you place your order, a designer will contact you to finalize all of the details and will provide you with a proof of your design for your approval.

Please note that in addition to needlepoint belts, we also offer wallets, flasks, key fobs, pillows and other custom, hand-stitched needlepoint items – all of which make great graduation gifts! Check out for a complete product listing and design ideas.

Graduation Gift Ideas Needlepoint Belt

Facts About President’s Day

Lest you think President’s Day was created to get you 30% off a flat screen TV or two-for-one Egyptian cotton bath towels, check out some of these fun Presidential facts and smart needlepoint designs.

But, first, in the spirit of America, we would like to wish a very happy 285th birthday to George Washington, our first President and one of the country’s “Founding Fathers.”

Founding Fathers Needlepoint Belt

History buffs, teachers and professors will appreciate this Founding Fathers needlepoint belt, which features images of James Monroe, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, George Washington (Happy Birthday, George!), Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, John Jay, and Samuel Adams. These politicians, jurists, soldiers, diplomats, statesmen, and ordinary citizens led the American Revolution and helped create the Declaration of Independence. Without them, we would be…well, British.  With this belt around your waist, you can be inspired to do great things as well.

Now, let’s get to some fun facts about President’s Day:

Fact: George Washington’s Hair Was Not a Wig

Contrary to what most people believe, George Washington’s hair was real; however, his hair color was actually reddish-brown, not white. He powdered his hair to get that white look.

Fact: The U.S. Government Wants You to Have at Least Five 3-Day Weekends Annually

American Flag Needlepoint Flask

President’s Day became an official federal holiday in 1760 and was celebrated on February 22 – George Washington’s birthday. In 1971, the Uniform Monday Holiday Act established President’s Day as the third Monday in February, so it would always fall on a Monday. The Act was designed to create more consistent holiday schedules and provide more three-day weekends for the nation’s workers.

According to the bill signed by Lyndon B. Johnson, having consistent three-day weekends “will mean a great deal to our families and our children. It will enable families who live some distance apart to spend more time together. Americans will be able to travel farther and see more of this beautiful land of ours. They will be able to participate in a wider range of recreational and cultural activities.” He also cited, “greater industrial and commercial production, sparing business and labor the penalty of midweek shutdowns.”

We hope you’re feeling patriot and can live up to these lofty goals while you enjoy your long weekend. Get your dog in on the action with a custom, American flag needlepoint dog collar.

Custom American Flag Needlepoint Dog Collar

Fact: Only One President Has Founded an Institute of Higher Education

Thomas Jefferson founded the University of Virginia in 1819. The Rotunda on the University of Virginia’s campus is seen as a long lasting symbol of Thomas Jefferson’s belief in the separation of education and the church. Jefferson is the only president to found an institution of higher learning….because we’re not counting Trump University. House your Benjamins in this iconic UVA Needlepoint Wallet.

University of Virginia Needlepoint Wallet

Fact: Harvard University Has Graduated the Most U.S. Presidents

John Adams, who was the first president with a college degree, graduated from Harvard, as did his son and future sixth president John Quincy Adams, Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy. Several other presidents attended Harvard for graduate school including Rutherford B. Hayes (law school), Barack Obama (law school), George W. Bush (business school).

Harvard University Campus Needlepoint Belt

Whether you’re a current or future alumni (or want to pretend you are), your Harvard University needlepoint belt can be customized with your initials. If Haaa-vad isn’t your alma mater, Brewster Belt company can design a custom campus belt for any college or university.

Fact: John Adams Liked to Play Hooky

As a young boy, John Adams often skipped school to spend time hunting and fishing.

Hunting Needlepoint Belt

If you’re inspired to pursue your love of hunting or fishing in order to achieve greatness, check out our hunting needlepoint collection and fishing needlepoint collection. 

Fishing Needlepoint Belt

Happy President’s Day! Now, get to the mall before the sales end.

Valentine’s Day: Are you a lover or a hater?

Valentine’s Day stirs up a lot of mixed emotions. Approximately 50% of Americans celebrate Valentine’s Day while the other half either doesn’t celebrate the “Hallmark holiday” or actively engages in anti-Valentine’s Day activities – yes, those are a thing. So, whichever emojis…or emotions you’re feeling this Valentine’s Day, you’re probably not alone.

Feeling mixed emojis….er, emotions about Valentine’s Day?

And, as Poison reminded us: every rose has its thorn….Even people who love to celebrate Valentine’s Day can feel stressed about making plans or anxious about buying the right gift for their loved one. Brewster Belt Company has one-of-a-kind needlepoint belts and accessories for those who want to go beyond ordinary gift-giving such as this custom emoji needlepoint belt.

Last year, Americans spent approximately $20 billion – yes, that’s billion with a “B” – for Valentine’s Day. Perhaps not surprisingly, flowers top the list as the most popular gift purchased by men. With candy and greeting cards not far behind. Thirty to forty percent of both men and women also spend money on an evening out.

According to AMEX, approximately six million couples get engaged on Valentine’s Day. Six. Million. So, if your relationship is on the hot tamale train and you want to make it official, you’re in good company. Fancy a hot sauce needlepoint belt to express your collective hotness….or your love of hot sauce?

Is your relationship on the hot tamale train?

When it comes time to plan the big day, Brewster Belt Company can work with you to create custom needlepoint wedding gifts for the groomsmen, bride and groom. One-of-a-kind needlepoint belts, flasks, key fobs and ring pillows will make your wedding one in a million…or one in six million, as it were.

Some Little-Known Facts About the Super Bowl

And, just like that, another football season is wrapping up. Here are some little known facts about the Super Bowl if you want to drop some knowledge at a Super Bowl party this Sunday, even if you’re only watching for the commercials or the halftime show:

• At-home fans will eat about 1.33 billion chicken wings on Super Bowl Sunday.

• Before 1991, marching bands usually performed Super Bowl halftime shows. The New Kids on the Block was the first pop act.

• The Super Bowl trophy is made by Tiffany & Co. and cost $25,000.

• 72 game balls are used during the Super Bowl (and we don’t want to hear about Deflategate anymore!).

• Gamblers wagered a record $132.5 million on Super Bowl 50.

Thanks to Forbes and USA Today for providing these interesting Super Bowl facts!

So, that brings us to needlepoint….

“Huh? It does? What does needlepoint have to do with football,” you ask.

Absolutely nothing….Well, unless you like to needlepoint while watching football. (Yes, that’s a thing). But, for those of you who aren’t into needlepoint stitching parties, you can still enjoy wearing a hand-stitched needlepoint football belt. It’s the perfect accessory for football fans, even in the off-season.

Brewster Belt Company‘s needlepoint belts are totally customizable. Change the colors to match your favorite football team’s colors or work with our designers to create your own custom football design from scratch. You can also select a silver or brass belt buckle, as well as the the leather color. Brewster also makes custom needlepoint football wallets, flasks, key fobs, dog collars and more. They make great gifts for football fans.

Custom Football Needlepoint Wallet


If you’re a betting man, a custom football needlepoint wallet can house your winnings. Customize it with your team’s favorite colors or work with Brewster’s designers to create your own custom football wallet design. Browse all of the sports-themed wallets on the site for ideas, if you need a little inspiration. Add a three-initial monogram to add extra personalization.

Custom Football Needlepoint Flask




For tailgating, a custom needlepoint football flask will show your friends you mean business. They’re totally customizable and make a great gift for football fans, groomsmen, fathers, brothers and anyone who likes to bring a good time along with them. Change the color of the helmet, add graphics, numbers or a monogram for the ultimate personalization.


If you want to be able to jump on any bandwagon, show your lack of commitment…uhem…your love for the sport with a good old basic football needlepoint belt.

Custom Needlepoint Football Belt

If you’re a college football fan, you might consider sporting a college campus needlepoint belt featuring your favorite college football team’s stadium and other campus buildings. College campus belts are available for any college!

Custom College Campus Needlepoint Belts

Not much left to say other than: Go, team…and don’t get buffalo sauce on the couch.

The Presidential Inauguration

On this 20th day of 2017, Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. It was a divisive election and some Americans are hopeful that he will make American great, whether you’re feeling like this….

…or like this…

…Brewster Belt Company has the perfect custom needlepoint accessories to help you express yourself.

For those of you feeling patriotic, we suggest an American Flag Needlepoint Wallet to safely house the fruits of our future prosperity.  If you’re still trying to process the outcome of the election, you can drown your sorrows in style with this WTF Needlepoint Flask.

And, if your dog wants in on the action, an American Flag Needlepoint Dog Collar will do just the trick.

American Flag Custom Needlepoint Dog Collar

All Brewster Belt Company needlepoint accessories are hand-stitched and fully customizable. So, check out our offering and create your own statement.



Gifts for Grooms & Groomsmen They’ll Actually Use

According to wedding tradition, the groom typically gives his bride-to-be a gift the day before or day of the wedding. Today, many grooms still carry on this tradition and a growing number of brides have started surprising their husbands-to-be with sentimental, pre-wedding gifts…But, it can be hard to find a gift that is meaningful, personal and practical.

Lynsay, a bride in Virginia, worked with Brewster Belt Company to create this adorable (uhem, manly) personalized wedding gift for her “best catch.” The custom, hand-stitched needlepoint fly fishing flask was well-received by her groom, but she’s not fishing for any complements (ba-dum-dum).

Photo Credit: Hope Taylor Photography

If you’re racking your brain for unique and personal groomsmen gifts, custom needlepoint flasks, belts and wallets make great gifts for groomsmen and family members.  Brewster Belt Company will work with you to create the perfect design and each item can be personalized with a monogram as well. There is also a 20% discount when you order five or more custom, needlepoint items.

Custom Groomsman Needlepoint Belts with Monograms

For the bride, Brewster Belt Company’s sister company, NeedlePaint can design and hand-stitch a custom needlepoint ring bearer pillow in your wedding colors. Pillows can include graphics, your wedding date, monograms and more.

Custom Ring Bearer Wedding Pillow

Custom, needlepoint groom, groomsman and bride gifts are personal, thoughtful and can serve as a cherished memory of the wedding for years to come.

Part II: 17 Things to Look Forward to in ’17…and the Needlepoint Belts to Match

As we look ahead to the new year, this is part two of a two-part post about 2017 happenings with needlepoint belt and accessory pairings….because Brewster Belt Company wants you to look great while you enjoy 2017 (…and show off our endless custom needlepoint design possibilities).

Here are some things to look forward to in 2017….

Shark Week
Who doesn’t love Discovery Channel’s Shark Week programming? Stay tuned for the exact dates, but during the summer of 2017, you can turn off Netflix and return to live TV to binge watch these fascinating fish. Show your love with a shark needlepoint belt.

Shark Needlepoint Belt

Total Solar Eclipse
The first U.S. total solar eclipse of the 21st century will occur on August 21, 2017. The last visible total solar eclipse in the continental U.S. was February 26, 1979. Totality will occur along a path curving from Oregon to South Carolina, and will last less than 2 minutes and 40 seconds. The location and time of “greatest eclipse” will be on the western edge of Christian County, Kentucky, at 36.9715 degrees north and 87.6559 degrees west, occurring at 18:25 UTC. Fancy a Kentucky state flag belt?

National Dog Day
Annual National Dog Day will be celebrate on August 26, 2017. It is a philanthropic holiday founded to celebrate all dogs, mixed breed and pure and to encourage adoption of dogs in local shelters. Honor your favorite furry friend with a custom, needlepoint dog belt featuring your favorite dog breed or treat your dog to a custom needlepoint dog collar.

Preppy Pug Needlepoint Belt

Hunting Season
Whether you like to hunt duck, wild boar or deer, as you keep your eye on the 2017 hunting calendars, you can show your love for your sport with a custom, needlepoint hunting belt, wallet, flask or dog collar.

Back to School
As summer draws to a close, the beginning of fall brings us back to our regular schedules. For many people, it’s back-to-school season. Whether you have kids heading back to school or are going back to school yourself for classes or alumni events, show your support for your alma mater with a custom needlepoint campus belt – available for any high school or college.

Williams College Custom Campus Needlepoint Belt

Head of the Charles
The historic Head of the Charles Regatta takes places on October 21-22, 2017. Tens of thousands of spectators will line the Charles River from Boston University to Harvard University to watch more than 11,000 rowers compete in 55 different race events. Founded in 1965, the Head of the Charles is the world’s largest two-day rowing event. Be a rowing super fan with a custom crew needlepoint belt or a Harvard University needlepoint belt.

Complete JFK Assassination Records to Be Released
On October 26, 2017, thirty years after JFK’s assassination, all records previously withheld are supposed to be made public (unless the President authorizes further withholding). The JFK Assassination Records Collection consists of approximately 5 million pages of records and currently about 88% of them are public. JFK was born in Brookline, Massachusetts. Show your support for the great state of Massachusetts with a state flag belt.

America’s Cup in Bermuda
The 35th America’s Cup will be hosted in Bermuda with qualifying races starting May 26, 2017. The battle for the oldest trophy in international sport will begin on June 17, 2017. Show your support for the exciting and historical sport of sailing with an early America’s Cup yacht needlepoint belt.

Early America’s Cup Yachts Needlepoint Belt

Happy New Year from Brewster Belt Company! We hope you have a fantastic 2017!