Summer Travel: Create Fashionable Memories

According to research, spending money on experiences such as traveling, visiting museums and doing outdoor activities makes people happy. The experiences, researchers say, become part of your memory and identity. In addition, they say that talking about your experiences with other people and recalling those fond memories further enhances your happiness. So, get out there this summer and make some memories!

Chicago Landscape Needlepoint Belt
Summer in Chicago is the best! Show your love for the Windy City with this Chicago Landscape Needlepoint Belt.

When you return from your travels all happy and glowing, Brewster Belt Company’s city and landscape needlepoint belts can help you and your friends and family preserve those memories. The custom, hand-stitched needlepoint belts feature landmarks, landscapes and scenes from all your favorite places and make a great gift. The belts are so unique and detailed that they make a great conversation starter, so you can share your travel memories and fun experiences with others all year round.

Below is a sampling of some of the fantastic location and landscape designs that Brewster Belt Company has created for clients this year.

A Cape Cod Gift That Won’t Be Forgotten

If you love vacationing on Cape Cod or need a gift for someone who loves the Cape, a Cape Cod needlepoint landscape belt features iconic scenes and landmarks including Canal Bridge, Woods Hole Marine Biological Lab, Hyannis Lighthouse, Well Fleet Harbor with fishing boat, Chatham Windmill, Chatham Lighthouse, Rail Bike Path, Providence Pilgrim Monument, Race Point Lighthouse and sand dunes.

Cape Cod Needlepoint Belt
Heading to the Cape this summer? Looking for a classic Cape Cod gift?

What to Wear When You Summer on Nantucket

With this classic, hand-stitched needlepoint Nantucket belt around your waist, you have our permission to use “summer” as a verb. Nantucket style is clean, classic, preppy and timeless. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, this belt is sure to complement anything you wear on Nantucket and beyond.

Nantucket Needlepoint Belt with American Flag
Remember those fun times on Nantucket with a classic and patriotic Nantucket needlepoint belt

A Palm Desert Gift Full of Memories

A Brewster Belt Company client recently created this custom, needlepoint Palm Desert belt as a Father’s Day gift for her grandfather who has spent his winters in Palm Desert since the ’70s. She made sure to include an image of the Pink Elephant Car Wash where her grandfather used to have his classic Jaguar washed and the ever growing tennis complex where they watched many battles between Federer and Nadal surrounded by the desert and gorgeous mountains. Her grandfather loved all the memories included on his belt.

Palm Desert Needlepoint Belt
Iconic Palm Desert Landmarks and Those Majestic Mountains Surrounding the Desert

Always Have the Mountains with You

For those who love the mountains, hiking and the great outdoors, this mountain hiking needlepoint belt can preserve their mountain memories whether they are hiking an urban jungle or a mountain trail. All belts are custom-made, so you can change any aspect of the design including changing the leather and buckle color. Consider adding a monogram for further personalization for your favorite outdoorsman.

Mountain Hiking Needlepoint Belt
A Needlepoint Belt for Those Who Love the Great Outdoors….

A Martha’s Vineyard Gift Idea

If you’re looking for a Martha’s Vineyard gift idea for someone who loves going to the Vineyard, Brewster’s Martha’s Vineyard Needlepoint belt is a gift they will cherish for years to come. The detailed belt features a landscape including iconic landmarks such as Gay Head Cliffs, Gay Head Lighthouse, Larsen’s Fish Market, Grange Hall, Black Dog Tavern, Flying Horses Carousel, Edgartown Yacht Club, East Chop Lighthouse and the ferry.

Marthas Vineyard Needlepoint Belt
Remember all those summer memories with a Martha’s Vineyard Needlepoint Belt

New York City Gift 

The Big Apple is a popular travel destination all year long. Brewster’s New York City needlepoint belt features several iconic city landmarks including the Statue of Liberty, Freedom Tower, Brooklyn Bridge, Wall Street, the High Line, MSG, a subway entrance, a New York City taxi, Guggenheim Museum, Chrysler Building, Washington Square Park, Times Square and the Empire State Building. This New York City belt makes a great gift for anyone who loves The Big Apple.

New York City Needlepoint Belt
A New York City Needlepoint Belt Makes a Great Gift for Those Who Love the Big Apple

No matter where you travel this summer…whether it’s to your local pool or abroad, you can create a memorable needlepoint gift full of travel memories. In addition to detailed city and landscape belts, Brewster Belt Company also has state flag and state image belts for all 50 U.S. states. Check out the website for needlepoint belt design ideas or create your own custom design.

License Plate Summer Travel Gift Needlepoint Belt

Brides-to-Be: Here’s A Groom Gift Idea He Will Love

Many brides and grooms like to exchange gifts prior to their wedding ceremony. Although it’s usually a private occasion when the bride and groom can take some time for themselves before the wedding, the couple’s photographer is often present to capture the moment. Thanks to bride Shayne and the couple’s fabulous photographer Veronica Lola Photography, we get a little glimpse into that moment when Shayne surprised her husband-to-be with a personal and unique groom gift just before their wedding.

Groom Gift Custom Needlepoint Belt Wedding Gift

This groom’s gift – a custom, needlepoint belt from Brewster Belt Company – features images of some of the groom’s favorite things, as well as the wedding date and a monogram of his initials.

The groom isn’t the only member of the wedding party who would appreciate a custom, hand-made gift. If you’re racking your brain for unique and personal groomsmen gifts, custom needlepoint flasksbelts and wallets make great gifts for groomsmen and family members.  Brewster Belt Company will work with you to create the perfect design and each item can be personalized with a monogram as well. There is also a 20% discount when you order five or more custom, needlepoint items.

And, don’t forget the bride! For the bride, Brewster Belt Company can design and stitch a custom needlepoint ring bearer pillow in your wedding colors. Pillows can include graphics, your wedding date, monograms and more.

Custom, needlepoint groom, groomsman and bride gifts are personal, thoughtful and can serve as a cherished memory for years to come. To place your custom order visit or contact us to discuss your design ideas.

Facts About President’s Day

Lest you think President’s Day was created to get you 30% off a flat screen TV or two-for-one Egyptian cotton bath towels, check out some of these fun Presidential facts and smart needlepoint designs.

But, first, in the spirit of America, we would like to wish a very happy 285th birthday to George Washington, our first President and one of the country’s “Founding Fathers.”

Founding Fathers Needlepoint Belt

History buffs, teachers and professors will appreciate this Founding Fathers needlepoint belt, which features images of James Monroe, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, George Washington (Happy Birthday, George!), Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, John Jay, and Samuel Adams. These politicians, jurists, soldiers, diplomats, statesmen, and ordinary citizens led the American Revolution and helped create the Declaration of Independence. Without them, we would be…well, British.  With this belt around your waist, you can be inspired to do great things as well.

Now, let’s get to some fun facts about President’s Day:

Fact: George Washington’s Hair Was Not a Wig

Contrary to what most people believe, George Washington’s hair was real; however, his hair color was actually reddish-brown, not white. He powdered his hair to get that white look.

Fact: The U.S. Government Wants You to Have at Least Five 3-Day Weekends Annually

American Flag Needlepoint Flask

President’s Day became an official federal holiday in 1760 and was celebrated on February 22 – George Washington’s birthday. In 1971, the Uniform Monday Holiday Act established President’s Day as the third Monday in February, so it would always fall on a Monday. The Act was designed to create more consistent holiday schedules and provide more three-day weekends for the nation’s workers.

According to the bill signed by Lyndon B. Johnson, having consistent three-day weekends “will mean a great deal to our families and our children. It will enable families who live some distance apart to spend more time together. Americans will be able to travel farther and see more of this beautiful land of ours. They will be able to participate in a wider range of recreational and cultural activities.” He also cited, “greater industrial and commercial production, sparing business and labor the penalty of midweek shutdowns.”

We hope you’re feeling patriot and can live up to these lofty goals while you enjoy your long weekend. Get your dog in on the action with a custom, American flag needlepoint dog collar.

Custom American Flag Needlepoint Dog Collar

Fact: Only One President Has Founded an Institute of Higher Education

Thomas Jefferson founded the University of Virginia in 1819. The Rotunda on the University of Virginia’s campus is seen as a long lasting symbol of Thomas Jefferson’s belief in the separation of education and the church. Jefferson is the only president to found an institution of higher learning….because we’re not counting Trump University. House your Benjamins in this iconic UVA Needlepoint Wallet.

University of Virginia Needlepoint Wallet

Fact: Harvard University Has Graduated the Most U.S. Presidents

John Adams, who was the first president with a college degree, graduated from Harvard, as did his son and future sixth president John Quincy Adams, Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy. Several other presidents attended Harvard for graduate school including Rutherford B. Hayes (law school), Barack Obama (law school), George W. Bush (business school).

Harvard University Campus Needlepoint Belt

Whether you’re a current or future alumni (or want to pretend you are), your Harvard University needlepoint belt can be customized with your initials. If Haaa-vad isn’t your alma mater, Brewster Belt company can design a custom campus belt for any college or university.

Fact: John Adams Liked to Play Hooky

As a young boy, John Adams often skipped school to spend time hunting and fishing.

Hunting Needlepoint Belt

If you’re inspired to pursue your love of hunting or fishing in order to achieve greatness, check out our hunting needlepoint collection and fishing needlepoint collection. 

Fishing Needlepoint Belt

Happy President’s Day! Now, get to the mall before the sales end.

Duck Hunters And Conservation

If you’re one of the 2.6 million duck or other migratory bird hunters in the U.S., Brewster Belt Company would like to extend an offer to you. From now through the end of 2016, Brewster Belt will donate 25% of the purchase price of any custom needlepoint belts, flasks, wallets and dog collars with a hunting design to Ducks Unlimited. Simply request the “hunting donation” when you place your order.

Brewster Belt will donate 25 percent of purchase price to Ducks Unlimited conservation efforts.

It might sound counterintuitive, but many duck hunters are also conservationists and have directly or indirectly contributed to protecting and preserving natural resources and wildlife habitats. Duck hunting and other bird hunting has been regulated in North America for 100 years. In fact, 2016 marked the 100-year anniversary of the signing of the Migratory Bird Treaty, an internationally recognized commitment to protect and conserve migratory birds.

In the U.S., migratory bird hunters contribute to conservation efforts when they purchase Federal Duck Stamps, which serve as both a hunting license and conservation tool.

Brewster Belt also offers custom hunting dog collars for your favorite canine friend.

Since 1934, more than $850 million has been raised through the sale of Duck Stamps and the funds have been used to help acquire and protect more than 6.5 million acres of land.

In addition, one of the nation’s largest conservation organizations, Ducks Unlimited, got its start in 1937 during the Dust Bowl when North America’s drought-plagued waterfowl populations had plunged to unprecedented lows. Since then, Ducks Unlimited has conserved more than 13 million acres of wetlands and other wildlife habitats.

Show your support for these conservation efforts and your passion for duck and bird hunting with a custom hunting needlepoint belt, dog collar, flask or wallet. All items can be customized with any design, colors, images and monograms.

Mention the “hunting donation” and 25% of your purchase price will be donated to Ducks Unlimited.





Brewster Beer Company

No, we’re not starting a beer company.  But, my wife and I did brew a batch of Brewster Beer recently! (a late father’s day gift).

In order to make it official, you’ll be seeing our Pale Ale in pictures to come, but I just had to post a teaser because we capped them today!

Brewster Belt Company Beer
Brewster Belt Company Beer

Thanks to CoBrew and GrogTag for making it fun and easy!  If you live in Denver and like beer, you should check out CoBrew!  GrogTag makes the labels and caps, super easy…

Custom Beer Caps and Custom Brewed Beer go perfectly with a Brewster Custom Needlepoint Belt!

Buy More Save More – Brewster Belt Company Needlepoint Discounts

You’ve see our homepage add and would like to know how to get a discount on your first order!

First of all welcome to the Brewster Belt Company blog!  This is where we write about what we’re working on, and this is my first blog post for our new brand (you can read about our needlepoint and company history here).

Onto the discount!  Basically, we only offer discounts to existing customers.  Our motto is that Happy Customers = Repeat Customers and are more likely refer their friends.  As such, we’ve always offered a discount to our “best” customers.

This is a 10% discount, which can add up to real savings.

If this is your first time shopping with the Brewster Belt Company, and you are going to order 2 -4 belts, I highly suggest creating an account and ordering just one belt first.  Then, after that order has been placed, you can order the next items with your returning customer discount!  Pretty easy.

If you have trouble, you can always call us, our toll free number is at the bottom of our website.

Now for a little eye candy, some fun custom needlepoint belts we finished recently…

Custom Needlepoint Belts
Custom Needlepoint Belts