A Meaningful Custom Gift for “The Guy Who Has Everything”

It can be hard to find a gift for the guy who has everything….and even harder to find a meaningful gift. So, I was thrilled when I found out about Brewster Belt Company when I needed another gift for my grandfather. He’s now close to eighty years old and over the years, I’ve exhausted my arsenal of personalized gift ideas for him having purchased everything from custom golf balls to monogrammed handkerchiefs for Christmases, birthdays and Father’s Days. With another Father’s Day approaching, I was racking my brain for a unique gift idea that he would actually use when a friend told me about Brewster Belt Company’s custom needlepoint belts. When I saw the custom landscape needlepoint belts, I knew I had found the perfect gift and I knew just what landscape design I wanted on the belt….

Palm Desert Needlepoint Belt Gift
A custom, landscape belt of a favorite place (like this Palm Desert Needlepoint Belt) makes a great gift for the person who has everything.

My grandparents have been “snow birds” in Palm Desert since the 1970s. Growing up, we usually visited annually. In the depth of winter, we would board a plane from Chicago’s frozen O’Hare airport where we were transported to the sunny, outdoor Palm Desert Airport. As a child, I remember looking out the plane window at the vast desert as we approached the airport through the mountains. As we flew by the residential areas with a bird’s eye view, the terra cotta roofs, golf courses and swimming pools looked like a dollhouse scene. In the early days, you exited the plane via stairs in the open air. The blinding sunshine and dry, floral smell of the air were always a welcome greeting.

Palm Desert Gift
My Mom and I in Palm Desert, California (1979)

We spent our time in Palm Desert basking in (and burning in) the eternal sunshine and keeping cool in the pool surrounded by flowers, palm trees, clear blue skies and mountains. We visited the Living Desert Zoo and shopped and dined on El Paseo. I rode alongside my grandfather as he drove his classic Jaguar to the Pink Elephant car wash and I still remember the elephant-shaped receipts he collected in the center console to earn free car washes. As we grew up, we started going to the big tennis tournament at Indian Wells and one night, he took my husband and I to “The Nest,” an iconic piano bar that has been a popular haunt for the young and old since 1965.

Pink Elephant Car Wash Palm Springs California Historic Landmarks
Pink Elephant Car Wash in Palm Springs, California

These were the memories I wanted to capture and the folks at Brewster Belt Company helped me design the perfect landscape needlepoint belt that included all of these meaningful and memorable landmarks. My grandfather loved all the details on the belt and all the thought that went into it. He had fun figuring out what each landmark was. And, he said it was a “really nifty” gift. Now, he can wear his memories every day and the belt makes a great conversation starter, as well, so he has the opportunity to tell his (many) stories even more often….sorry, Grandma. 😉

Palm Desert Gift
My Grandfather and I in Palm Desert, California (1979)

So, the next time you find yourself searching the end of the Internet for a personalized gift idea for a husband, dad, grandfather or friend in your life, consider a custom needlepoint gift from Brewster Belt Company and turn their memories into a meaningful, custom gift. In addition to belts, Brewster also offers custom wallets, flasks, dog collars and wedding gifts. Browse the website at www.brewsterbelt.com for design ideas or create your own custom design. Check out some city/landmark belts here: https://brewsterbelt.com/belts/cities-and-landscapes/.

Palm Desert Needlepoint Belt Gift for Men













Summer Travel: Create Fashionable Memories

According to research, spending money on experiences such as traveling, visiting museums and doing outdoor activities makes people happy. The experiences, researchers say, become part of your memory and identity. In addition, they say that talking about your experiences with other people and recalling those fond memories further enhances your happiness. So, get out there this summer and make some memories!

Chicago Landscape Needlepoint Belt
Summer in Chicago is the best! Show your love for the Windy City with this Chicago Landscape Needlepoint Belt.

When you return from your travels all happy and glowing, Brewster Belt Company’s city and landscape needlepoint belts can help you and your friends and family preserve those memories. The custom, hand-stitched needlepoint belts feature landmarks, landscapes and scenes from all your favorite places and make a great gift. The belts are so unique and detailed that they make a great conversation starter, so you can share your travel memories and fun experiences with others all year round.

Below is a sampling of some of the fantastic location and landscape designs that Brewster Belt Company has created for clients this year.

A Cape Cod Gift That Won’t Be Forgotten

If you love vacationing on Cape Cod or need a gift for someone who loves the Cape, a Cape Cod needlepoint landscape belt features iconic scenes and landmarks including Canal Bridge, Woods Hole Marine Biological Lab, Hyannis Lighthouse, Well Fleet Harbor with fishing boat, Chatham Windmill, Chatham Lighthouse, Rail Bike Path, Providence Pilgrim Monument, Race Point Lighthouse and sand dunes.

Cape Cod Needlepoint Belt
Heading to the Cape this summer? Looking for a classic Cape Cod gift?

What to Wear When You Summer on Nantucket

With this classic, hand-stitched needlepoint Nantucket belt around your waist, you have our permission to use “summer” as a verb. Nantucket style is clean, classic, preppy and timeless. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, this belt is sure to complement anything you wear on Nantucket and beyond.

Nantucket Needlepoint Belt with American Flag
Remember those fun times on Nantucket with a classic and patriotic Nantucket needlepoint belt

A Palm Desert Gift Full of Memories

A Brewster Belt Company client recently created this custom, needlepoint Palm Desert belt as a Father’s Day gift for her grandfather who has spent his winters in Palm Desert since the ’70s. She made sure to include an image of the Pink Elephant Car Wash where her grandfather used to have his classic Jaguar washed and the ever growing tennis complex where they watched many battles between Federer and Nadal surrounded by the desert and gorgeous mountains. Her grandfather loved all the memories included on his belt.

Palm Desert Needlepoint Belt
Iconic Palm Desert Landmarks and Those Majestic Mountains Surrounding the Desert

Always Have the Mountains with You

For those who love the mountains, hiking and the great outdoors, this mountain hiking needlepoint belt can preserve their mountain memories whether they are hiking an urban jungle or a mountain trail. All belts are custom-made, so you can change any aspect of the design including changing the leather and buckle color. Consider adding a monogram for further personalization for your favorite outdoorsman.

Mountain Hiking Needlepoint Belt
A Needlepoint Belt for Those Who Love the Great Outdoors….

A Martha’s Vineyard Gift Idea

If you’re looking for a Martha’s Vineyard gift idea for someone who loves going to the Vineyard, Brewster’s Martha’s Vineyard Needlepoint belt is a gift they will cherish for years to come. The detailed belt features a landscape including iconic landmarks such as Gay Head Cliffs, Gay Head Lighthouse, Larsen’s Fish Market, Grange Hall, Black Dog Tavern, Flying Horses Carousel, Edgartown Yacht Club, East Chop Lighthouse and the ferry.

Marthas Vineyard Needlepoint Belt
Remember all those summer memories with a Martha’s Vineyard Needlepoint Belt

New York City Gift 

The Big Apple is a popular travel destination all year long. Brewster’s New York City needlepoint belt features several iconic city landmarks including the Statue of Liberty, Freedom Tower, Brooklyn Bridge, Wall Street, the High Line, MSG, a subway entrance, a New York City taxi, Guggenheim Museum, Chrysler Building, Washington Square Park, Times Square and the Empire State Building. This New York City belt makes a great gift for anyone who loves The Big Apple.

New York City Needlepoint Belt
A New York City Needlepoint Belt Makes a Great Gift for Those Who Love the Big Apple

No matter where you travel this summer…whether it’s to your local pool or abroad, you can create a memorable needlepoint gift full of travel memories. In addition to detailed city and landscape belts, Brewster Belt Company also has state flag and state image belts for all 50 U.S. states. Check out the website for needlepoint belt design ideas or create your own custom design.

License Plate Summer Travel Gift Needlepoint Belt

Kentucky Derby Men’s Attire is All About the Details

Jockey Silks Horse Racing Needlepoint Belt
Jockey Silks Horse Racing Needlepoint Belt

If you’re wondering what to wear to the Kentucky Derby, Brewster Belt has you covered with fashion tips and unique Derby needlepoint belts. The Kentucky Derby is a great opportunity for men to go all out with their attire from bright colors to bold prints to preppy accessories. Whether you’re attending the actual Derby at Churchill Downs or heading to a friend’s Kentucky Derby party, Derby spectators love showcasing unique and preppy spring fashion.


Bright colors and pastels are always in style at the Derby. You may want to start coordinating your outfit by selecting a pair of pants first. While traditional khaki and navy is always in style, considering stepping out of your comfort zone with colored pants: pink, yellow, green…you’re likely to see it all. Bold-colored pants pair nicely with traditional shirts and blazers. Or, go neutral with your pants and bring in some color with your blazer or accessories. Brewster Belt Company’s needlepoint belts can be fully customized, so name your color.

Walk Over Kentucky Derby Needlepoint Belt
Walkover Kentucky Derby Needlepoint Belt


Consider sporting some fun and preppy prints such as seersucker, plaid, gingham, stripes and other bold prints. Mix and match one or two prints for a contemporary look. Pants and jackets with embroidered horses, julep cups, and horseshoe designs can show people you’re serious about fun. You can also bring in prints with a preppy needlepoint belt. Add a monogram to your belt to further personalized it. When it comes to Kentucky Derby fashion, it’s okay to go a little over the top.

Gingham Kentucky Derby Needlepoint Belt
Gingham Kentucky Derby Needlepoint Belt


Say yes to a necktie or bow tie. Even if you’re wearing shorts, a bow tie can dress up your outfit and make you look that much more original. Match your bow tie with your pocket square and/or hat for a complete and coordinated look. Or, wear your bow tie on your belt for a more casual look. Focus on the details by adding a monogram.

Seersucker Bow Tie Needlepoint Belt
Seersucker Bow Tie Needlepoint Belt

The women don’t get to have all the fun with hats; men can wear them too. Men’s Derby hats are usually a solid color and inspired by the style from the 1920s such as a fedora or bowler hat.

You can also add some fun and humor to your look with your socks and belt. Whether you go classic or eye-catching, a Derby needlepoint belt will complete any Kentucky Derby outfit.

Roses and Horses Derby Needlepoint Belt

Brewster Belt Company offers an unlimited selection of custom, needlepoint belts and accessories. Create your own design or browse our designs at www.brewsterbelt.com.

Brewster Belt Men's Kentucky Derby Needlepoint Belts

Pastels Aren’t Just For Easter Eggs

Easter Sunday marks the unofficial start to spring. It’s also a celebration of renewal and rebirth experienced through religious services and a range of family traditions such as parades, photos with the Easter Bunny, brunch, Easter egg hunts and more.

Men's Preppy Yellow Pants for EasterWhen it comes to Easter fashion, pastels reign supreme, but color isn’t just for women; preppy men’s Easter fashion abounds with pastels and other bright spring colors, as well as prints and fabrics such as argyle, plaid and seersucker.

Preppy fashion for men has become even more fun, bright and playful over the years as preppy clothing brands have proliferated and evolved. So, men, sport those yellow pants, wear plaid with stripes, and say “yes” to embroidery and needlepoint.

Men’s accessories have also gone well beyond traditional with bold socks, dress shoes with colored soles, patterned pocket squares and statement belts. And when it comes to statement belts, Brewster Belt Company has you covered with a huge selection of needlepoint belts for all occasions like this Easter egg and bunny needlepoint belt.

Easter Egg Needlepoint Easter Belt
Easter Needlepoint Belt by Brewster Belt Company

Browse Brewster Belt’s designs or create your own custom needlepoint belt design for Easter or any other holiday or occasion. All belts can be customized with different thread colors, leather colors and metal buckle types. A monogram can also be added for full personalization. If you’re looking for a needlepoint belt that can be worn on more occasions that just Easter, check out our preppy needlepoint belt designs or create your own custom design.

Gingham and Preppy Dog Needlepoint Belt
Preppy Dog Needlepoint Belt by Brewster Belt Company

Even if your Easter celebration doesn’t call for a bow tie, show your love for this unique and preppy style with a Bow Tie Needlepoint Belt. These bow ties are appropriate for any occasion….and much easier to tie. Choose bright colored bowties or pastels and even add a monogram for a fully custom look.

Pastel Seersucker Needlepoint Bow Tie Belt
Pastel Seersucker Needlepoint Bow Tie Belt

Despite the name, Brewster Belt Company also offers needlepoint wallets, dog collars and flasks. Browse the all designs and needlepoint products at BrewsterBelt.com.


Men's Easter Egg and Bunny Needlepoint Easter Belt

A Practical, Personal & Unique Custom Graduation Gift

Whether you need a one-of-a-kind graduation gift for a high school graduate heading off to college, a college graduate or someone earning an advanced degree, it can be hard to find a graduation gift that is practical, personal and unique. Hand-stitched needlepoint college campus belts check all those boxes.

Harvard University Needlepoint Belt
Custom Campus Needlepoint Belts – Choose any college

A Practical Graduation Gift

Brewster Belt Company’s custom needlepoint belts can be worn casually with shorts and jeans or dressed up with slacks or suits. Each belt is made from the highest quality materials including top-grain leather and solid metals designed to last for years. Brewster’s needlepoint belts are hand-stitched and comprised of up to 15,000 individual stitches. These timelessly preppy belts are suitable for nearly any occasion. 

lsu campus needlepoint belt student union
Custom Needlepoint College Campus Belt – A Great Graduation Gift

A Personal Graduation Gift

It doesn’t get more personal than this. Each college campus needlepoint belt features a detailed, hand-stitched landscape of each college’s landmark buildings and other memorable features. You can also customize the belt by adding a monogram (the graduate’s initials) or graduation year and by selecting the leather color (black, brown or tan) and metal buckle color (brass or silver). Brewster’s experienced designers will work with you to perfect your custom design, so you’re completely happy with your design before our artisans start stitching your custom gift.   

Williams College needlepoint belt graduation gift
A unique graduation gift for high school and college graduates

A Unique Graduation Gift

If you search for “unique graduation gifts” on Google, you’ll get some interesting suggestions. Unique can be “good unique” or “a little out there unique.” A custom campus needlepoint belt as a graduation gift is just unique enough to stand out, but not too unique that it will get put in the back of a drawer and forgotten about. Brewster’s custom needlepoint belts are an interesting conversation piece and a unique reminder of a graduate’s academic accomplishments and fond collegiate memories.

How to Order a Custom Needlepoint Graduation Gift

To order a custom college campus belt, simply select the belt size and other custom details on our custom college campus needlepoint belt product listing. Once you place your order, a designer will contact you to finalize all of the details and will provide you with a proof of your design for your approval.

Please note that in addition to needlepoint belts, we also offer wallets, flasks, key fobs, pillows and other custom, hand-stitched needlepoint items – all of which make great graduation gifts! Check out BrewsterBelt.com for a complete product listing and design ideas.

Graduation Gift Ideas Needlepoint Belt